/November 2003 Articles


Before we vacate this column next month, here are some inconsequential though not unconsidered sweepings. Paul Davis has compiled another book of Hymn and Song Stories of the Twentieth Century, carrying on from his first. This one charts the success [...]

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The Good Shepherd

John Hunwicke on John Paul II’s Exhortation Pastores Gregis Coincidences can be hard to believe in. For example by ‘coincidence’ on Thursday 16th October, the Primates of the Anglican Communion (only one member of my family asked: ‘Are there any [...]

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The foundations of love

Alan Rabjohns rejoices in the beauty of friendship Though p’rhaps I may incur your blame The things are few I would not do In Friendship’s name. So sings Lord Tolloller in the second act of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanathe. And [...]

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A Meeting of Minds

John Higginbotham on the recent visit of Archbishop Rowan Williams to Rome Crucifers It is only in this contact of little more than forty years of direct contact with Rome that we can assess the latest meeting, between Archbishop Williams [...]

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Pope John Paul II has just celebrated 25 years in the chair of St Peter. Even his greatest enemies in the Western media have sensed that this tireless pilgrim for Christ may, in due time, be accorded that rare accolade [...]

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