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Where Credit’s Due

Robbie Low on the demise of the Polonius Principle From a very early age sound economic advice was drummed into me by well-meaning parents and grandparents. ‘Save before you spend.’ ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be.’ ‘Never owe anyone [...]

An Anatomy of Error XI

The appeal to ‘reason’ in support of the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate has distorted the very concept as it first appears in the famous three-legged stool’ of Richard Hooker. Reason has been understood not as [...]

To the Gentiles

Patrick Henry Reardon a leper made clean Naaman's is the most interesting story of a Gentile who came to the faith and worship of Israel's God. A general in the service of King Ben-hadad II of Syria during the ninth [...]

Return of the Goths

Anne Gardom on the style that remains The Gothic exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum is almost bewildering in the variety and complexity of the displays. Shakespeare’s great history plays, Henry V and Richard III relate to this period, [...]

Sloane Rangers

The bodice-ripper, it seems, is to be superseded by the cassock-ripper – or so reports in The Sunday Times would lead us to suppose. There it was alleged that an elderly bishop nearing retirement is planning a frank expose of [...]


Trumps and Bumps The Pilgrim's progress on earth is punctuated by a succession of Trumps and Bumps. Trumps and Bumps are feelings. Because our faith is incarnational, engaging spirit and flesh, Trumps and Bumps have a significant part to play [...]


Gerry O'Brien on a breach of solemn trust To cease teaching theology to undergraduates at a University would seem to be a strange way to respond to the growing numbers of sixth formers opting for Religious Studies at A level. [...]

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