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Before Da Vinci

The fascination of a hidden and secret gospel leads easily into a dark world of conspiracy and male repression. Simon Heans has been reading earlier versions of Dan Brown's thriller Rarely do I board a train into or out of [...]

When will they ever learn?

To celebrate its first hundred years the forward-looking diocese of Southwark has published a slim volume, Diocese of Southwark 1905-2005: A Centennial Celebration, by ‘Revd Antony Hurst’ (who he, and why no definite article?) Shrouded in a thin veil of [...]

Why Worry!

I don’t question Evangelicals’ earnestness, but I can’t share it when it comes to their responses to gay marriage and civil partnerships. I fall back on the line used by Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t [...]

Broken asunder

The late Sixties saw much debate on the subject of divorce and re-marriage. George Austin explains the repercussions of a misguided attempt to deal with the pastoral problems created by broken marriages In the spring of 1968, a Commission was [...]

Gracious patriarch?

We do not expect fair treatment for women from male Victorian leaders. Margaret Laird reminds us that Archbishop Benson, for all his establishment background, had a proper regard for the place of women That a Victorian archbishop instinctively reached a [...]

What did they mean?

Gerry O'Brien was not happy with the House of Bishops' statement on Civil Partnerships, viewing it as too subtle and convoluted by half. He preferred the more forthright response of Archbishop Akinola At the end of July the House of [...]

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