/September 2011 Articles

the way we live now

Liberal innovations have always been billed as a way of increasing church attendance but the statistics show their lack of success, writes Geoffrey Kirk Perhaps the most significant event in the Church of England during the silly season between the [...]

Ghostly Counsel

All in the mind Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House St Paul exhorts us in several places to seek ‘the renewal of our mind’ and ‘to put on the mind of Christ’. He is thinking of the [...]


Intercession Arthur Middleton ‘When our spirit is fervent within us we are wont to pour forth for others also, making intercession either for those who are dear to us, or for the peace of the whole world’ (John Cassian). The [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the translation of devotion and doctrine into practical divinity George Herbert in The Country Parson gives a whole chapter to the catechism ‘to which all divinity may easily be reduced... the Country Parson values catechizing highly... He [...]


Flavigny: Burgundy’s hidden gem Neal Wood recommends a visit to a picturesque French village and its Benedictine community Nestling in the rolling countryside of the Cote-d’Or in northern Burgundy stands the proud village of Flavignysur-Ozerain. Approaching the village on a [...]

Blogging and birettas

The biretta has been enjoying a recent renaissance and bloggers have highlighted the trend, writes Simon Cotton Where are those in the Anglican tradition who have been seen to be obsessed with externals, which in the late nineteenth century led [...]

Saint Michael

On the eve of the Reformation, parishioners of the tiny Norfolk hamlet of Wellingham began to decorate their new roodscreen. In his will of 1529, Nicholas Leverich On the eve of the Reformation, parishioners of the tiny Norfolk hamlet of [...]

The Marriage Statement

Anthony Saville on the valuable contribution of the traditional constituency to the marriage debate, and its unfortunate slide into obscurity One thing the Church of England cannot cope with is divorce. Henry VIII wanted an annulment; the Pope refused; the [...]