/September 2011 Articles

The Fight for Life

Alan Rabjohns on the importance of the pro-life movement and the many different ways in which we can support it ‘ I am hated because I declare life. I’ve been hated since conception. But loved especially by God. I’m His [...]

Roger Greenacre’s

Anglican Catholicism Colin Podmore reflects on the life and thinking of Canon Roger Greenacre, who died on 30 July, aged 80 Roger Greenacre’s ember card of 56 years ago is a reminder that he was ordained in a different world [...]

Alive with the Vision

Richard Norman reports on this year’s Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham was last month ‘Alive with the Vision’ as over seven hundred pilgrims made their way to Norfolk for the Youth Pilgrimage 2011. Eschewing the [...]


of the road Had the Vatican understood the Anglican patrimony differently, it might have adopted the pragmatism of Article XXXII allowing clergy to marry or not, ‘to serve better to godliness’. Never was the Anglican via media better expressed. What [...]

Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle on the remarkable influence of Myles Coverdale’s translations It is fair to say that Anglo-Catholics are not generally keen on the Reformation; I remember hearing a monk who had spent some time in South Africa joking that he [...]

A Third Province

Margaret Brown writes about the continuing work of the Third Province Movement No, we haven’tgone away, and we do not intend to. We are still working and trying hard for a Third Province within the Church of England. We believe [...]


Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring! Simon Morris reports on how the parish of St Mary's, Tottenham, was affected by the recent riots One can't plan for a week like it. You have to cut your parish pilgrimage to Walsingham short because [...]