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Letters to the Editor

From Mr Andrew Wilcockson I was surprised and dismayed to come across an article in this month’s New Directions: The Ancient Constitution of the State - J Alan Smith. It strikes me as a not so thinly veiled endorsement of [...]

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Touching Place

NATIVITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, MADLEY, HEREFS   We know that mediaeval British churches often had famous local shrines but none survive today like the ones you meet in France, such as Orcival (ND May 2011) or Pibrac (ND [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the desire for God   Julian of Norwich claims that when the Holy Spirit touches the soul it longs for God rather like this: ‘God of your goodness give me yourself, for you are sufficient for me… [...]

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John Gayford explores the importance of Melchizedek   Melchizedek can be translated from ‘melek,’ meaning ‘king,’ and ‘sedeq,’ meaning ‘righteousness’: thus ‘king of righteousness.’ He was King of Salem (Jerusalem) and priest of God the Most High. He appears twice [...]

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