/August 2002 Articles

Much Ado?

George Austin on the York Synod 2002 Whatever else the Synod is – especially at York – it is theatrical. And it is modern theatre, with audience participation, no curtains, an open stage where minor characters flit on and off [...]

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An Anglican gap? ‘The Voice That Breathed O'er Eden', by John Keble, was published posthumously; wisely, one now feels. John Samuel Bewley 'Fight the good fight' Monsell also wrote 'The Passing Bell' but died from an accident at St Nicholas' [...]

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Absolutely Fabulous

Geoffrey Kirk looks at some very implausible assertions As the campaign for women bishops gets into its stride, some well-loved characters of fiction are predictably reappearing. In a recent WATCH publication Women and Episcopacy, ‘Theodora Episcopa’ is strutting her stuff [...]

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On the very morning of our press deadline it has finally been announced, to no-one's very great surprise, that Dr Rowan Williams is to be the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury. Williams is a man of scholarship and prayer. He is [...]

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