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Further conclusions from the Cost of Conscience Survey Last month this column was given over to publishing the initial results of a major survey of Anglican opinion. The information was gathered by Christian Research, the leading organization in this field, [...]


A clerical detective story by PDJ Aymes Hardly anyone could remember the death of an Archbishop of Canterbury in office. Those who like that sort of thing were consulting precedents for a suitable ceremonial. Should it be in Canterbury or [...]

First Parents

Patrick Reardon on the First Family When the Bible describes the creation of Eve, one gains the impression that our ancient mother was something, almost, of an afterthought. At least the sequence of the events insinuates as much. Having formed [...]

Confused Metaphors

Andy Hawes writes an open letter to John Saxbee Dear Bishop John, As one of the few incumbents in your diocese who serves parishes which enjoy extended episcopal care under the Act of Synod it falls to me to make [...]

Vincent Wept

Kind readers that you are, I had a number of encouraging letters about the recent column ‘The Meaning of Meaning’ which featured the Guardian-style word-play in the name ‘Affirming Catholicism’. More than one correspondent pointed out what I had missed [...]

Shoulder to shoulder

Constituency. Integrity. It is not the name that is at issue, but its boundary. The narrowest definition of ours might be the ‘Resolution C’ parishes. The broadest might include any who would call themselves traditionalist. Certainly the broad penumbra of [...]


Heaven in Ordinary That we may so pass through things temporal, that we finally lose not things eternal. The glory of the Book of Common Prayer is its selection of memorable prayers used as collects in the Eucharist. There are [...]


Geoffrey Wright, who has died aged 59, was a big man in every way. His massive frame topped with tousled white hair presided over liturgical events at Walsingham, Boulogne, Bruges, and London with an unrivalled authority throughout the Catholic movement [...]

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