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Look behind you!

Ed Tomlinson describes how a general loss of belief in the supernatural is further demonstrated by a growing trend of scepticism about exorcism There are times when certain themes, previously unconsidered, will crop up repeatedly for no dis-cernable reason. This [...]

Outside Samaria

Thomas Seville CR explains why, despite the Church of England's problems, we are called to stay and bear witness in order to meet our responsibilities to those within the Church and those outside it Many Anglo-Catholics can feel like the [...]

So to the next stage

Warren Tanghe on the reasons for the establishment of the Anglican Church in North America and the practical and theological divisions that it must now work to overcome When the General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC) began to alter [...]


ACC Jamaica [see 'Correspondents' p. 22] will go down in the annals of world-wide Anglicanism as a missed - and tragically bungled - opportunity. The Chairmanship of Bishop John Paterson of New Zealand clearly left a great deal to be [...]


Betrayals and denials Chris Collins Deep in Johns account of the Passion is the question placed on Pilate's lips: 'What is truth?' Like all the many details in John's Gospel, the writer wants us to ponder on this question - [...]

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