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Ecumenical Blessings

Martyn Jarrett on a double celebration in the North THE NAVE of Liverpool Cathedral was filled to capacity as over two thousand pilgrims gathered there to celebrate the Bishop of Beverley's Northern Festival. Previous festivals have always been held in [...]

Festival of Faith

Stuart Seaton on a full house at St Alban’s Abbey ASK ANY PARISH PRIEST and the answer will be the same: it is extremely daunting beginning one’s first incumbency at the best of times. In these difficult days for orthodox [...]

Grave Robbery

Robbie Low on death and taxes Here’s my advice to those who die Beware the pennies on your eyes! “Cause I’m the taxman — and you’re working for no-one but me.” The lines are from a 1966 Beatles song. The [...]

Nowhere Man

Patrick Henry Reardon on a thoroughly modern misfit THOUGH HIS APPEARANCE in history was, I suppose, a bit too early to warrant the term, ‘modern man’ seems an apt expression for the biblical character Esau. At least we can call [...]

Raphael – A Journey

Anne Gardom on the precocious genius RAPHAEL was not one of your agonised geniuses struggling for recognition. Throughout his tragically short working life his brilliance was acknowledged and admired. His precocious talent was fostered and encouraged by his father, Giovanni [...]

Top down bottoms up

THE WINDSOR REPORT is not all bad. Everyone, traditionalist or revisionist alike, can read paragraphs 38 and 39 (on Subsidiarity) with profit. The principle of subsidiarity — the notion that decisions should be taken as close to the local level [...]

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