/November 2004 Articles

Postcode Lottery

John Edmonson on regional variations in theological standards THE APPROACH of the Church of England to initial ministerial education involves inviting each individual training institution to submit proposals for a pattern of theological education which it believes will prepare candidates [...]

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The Singing Hermit 1295--1349 Richard Rolle is the first of four English Mystics born in Thornton le Dale near Pickering, North Yorkshire, who, when he was a student at Oxford had an overwhelming spiritual experience which overturned his life. He [...]

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John Halliburton

1935-2004 John’s death at the all too early age of 69 deprives his family and the Church at large of a loving pastor and theologian. His extensive scholarship and gift of languages, together with his ecumenical concerns, his liturgical and [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

FOLLOWING last month’s article about intercession I would like to thank all those readers who responded with suggestions and advice about lists. I am presently working my way through them! Every month I am privileged to celebrate the Eucharist at [...]

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Who’s Sorry Now?

John Richardson on an apology for a report A LMOST a month to the day before the Windsor Report was published, I undertook a risky exercise. In an e-mail to those on the Chelmsford Anglican Mainstream circulation list, I made [...]

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Thou art Peter

John Hunwicke on an Orthodox view of papal primacy D o you want to become a Roman Catholic? I don’t, and I doubt whether many readers of New Directions do. And I suspect our main reason is that — given [...]

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Stand and deliver?

Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream responds to the Windsor Report Read the whole thing Memo to all: Find a quiet room. Switch off the phone and computer. Read the report. It’s good, probably more in principle than expected implementation. The [...]

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The Windsor Report is out and considerable space in this issue has been dedicated to detailed reflection upon it. Two evangelicals (Chris Sugden p4-5 and John Richardson p7-8) and two catholics (Andy Hawes p6 and Geoffrey Kirk p23) respond plus [...]

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