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Rich Towards God

Fr Peter CSWG on the lessons of August for the religious life   August is often known as the “silly season”; but in recent years it has become the focus for several major Christian youth festivals. This year we saw [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Ripe Times   Last month the fields were white for harvest, and the farmers impatiently waited until the moisture in the grains of wheat or barley was low enough to send the combine harvesters ploughing into the rippling fields. By [...]

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Teach Us How To Pray

Nicolas Stebbing CR on the call to the religious life   Why do so few people enter the religious life these days? That is a question that has occupied many of us over the past few decades as religious communities [...]

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Spiritual Songs

Come Lord, to a Soul, That waits in thy Ways, That stays at the Pool Expecting thy Grace: To see thy Salvation, And prove all thy Will, With sure Expectation I calmly stand still.   With Fasting and Prayer My [...]

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Walsingham or Bust!

What do you do when the church roof needs replacing, along with the sound and lighting systems? Cycle to Walsingham, of course. Six members of the congregation from St Martin’s, Ruislip, cycled to Our Lady’s Shrine over two days in [...]

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A Very British Revolution

William Davage reflects on a summer of political unrest   “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me,” shrieked Kenneth Williams in “Carry on Cleo”. In the wake of the result of the Referendum, for a few weeks political [...]

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That Nothing Be Lost

A message from the Chairman of Credo Cymru, Canon Jeffrey Gainer   Almost a century ago the new Province of Wales came into being, with its own system of governance and finance. At that time the Welsh Church expressly declared [...]

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