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In June this year new proposals were announced to allow interchangeability of ministry between the Methodist Church and the Church of England. As part of these proposals, Methodists would accept episcopal orders acceptable to Anglicans being conferred on their President, [...]

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William Davage warns against incremental compromise It is not in the storm or in the strife We feel benumbed and wish to be no more. But in the after-silence on the shore When all is lost except a little life. [...]

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A symposium focusing on the present relevance of a report originally presented 60 years ago. Eric Abbott, Harry Carpenter, Vigo Demant, Gregory Dix, T. S. Eliot, Austin Farrer, F. W. Green, A. G. Hebert, Robert Mortimer, Michael Ramsey, Ambrose Reeves, [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Living with Myself Over the centuries much ink has been spent by spiritual writers on the question ‘what is my relationship with my self? The summary of the Law includes the command ‘love thy neighbour as you love yourself.’ Do [...]

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