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Last Chronicle

Like most offices, that of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church keeps a stock of templates from which letters can when required be constructed with the minimum of fuss. New Directions has been fortunate to secure a copy of [...]

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Wish you had bought a Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club T-Shirt? ‘Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981!’ $14.99 from . All credit to Christopher Blosser who founded the website in 2000, ‘in response to the malicious caricature and public furore [...]

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Forward in Faith Update

Lost Property Is there a Forward in Faith priest out there who is finding his New Directions difficult to read? Perhaps he left his spectacles in Holy Trinity, Prince Consort Road on the day of the great Stand up for [...]

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Black out

Once upon a time you knew what to expect when confronted with a clergyman. Nowadays those old expectations and certainties have gone for ever. Alan Edwards ponders the changing dress codes I am an Ultra-Catholic – no Anglo – I [...]

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Freehold in freefall

Jonathan Redvers Harris on the English Clergy Association Serving the people and their parishes’ sums up the work of what was previously the Parochial Clergy Association, founded in 1938 by Edward Courtman when the glebe was under threat. Its aims [...]

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An arrogant fool

Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: a Journal of Mere Christianity Rehoboam was almost the perfect example of what the Bible means by the word ‘fool.’ Because he was the son of Solomon, Israel’s wisest king, this [...]

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Australia, America, Wales, and back to Australia again Australia Stand aside Memo to self: Write to Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London) to express my hope that London does not win the bid for the 2012 Olympics. This has nothing to [...]

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Icon or idol?

Hugh Baker was not distracted by the royal wedding on 9 April. In today's open world, where no secrets are hidden from our gaze, it was impossible that it should fulfil its iconic role In the end the sun shone, [...]

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30 days

Value for Money Canon Jim Canning complains in a letter to The Times that he has been told that financial restraints mean he can no longer have a curate and that the curate’s house will have to be sold (for [...]

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